Our Customers Love Clean Garbage Cans

Real testimonials from homeowners just like you, who love the clean, fresh smell of our services.

My garbage bins were gross. They were attracting maggots and flies. We started using the binwizards monthly and what a difference that made. What a great service!!!

Benji Cohen
They’re always letting me know when they’re coming which is great so I can leave my bin out for them. Very responsive and helpful. They always do any amazing job with cleaning my bin as well. I hope to keep them forever!!

Lloyd Levenburg
So relieved to have ‘like new’ bins again! Thank you for keeping in touch through the day to time your arrival after the city picked up the trash and recycles.

Nickie Grossman
Binwizards has been fantastic. Our community requires trash and recycling bins to be stored in our garage and it used to smell awful but not anymore! They are reasonably priced, reliable, and offer a great service. I would recommend them to anyone!

Natalie Goldman
The binwizards are amazing! They do the best job cleaning dirty garbages. Definitely a service I appreciate!

Scott Strauss
Outstanding service. Friendly, professional, and very informative team. I would highly recommend for residential and commercial dumpster cleaning.

Lisa Carter
Our bins smelled so bad we could smell them inside the house. Binwizards service is amazing. They come once a month and wow what a difference it makes. Definitely would recommend this service.

Tammy Berkowitz